Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have "talking" ideas, usually. That is, when I follow some idea of any value in my mind, the talking voice in my head is not talking to me. It's normally someone else I wish I could have right there to explore the thoughts in need of attention. Or to explain something I feel I've understood really well. I do lots of explaining, actually, that's one of my strengths/flaws.

The existence of this mental audience is especially strange, given my limited need for social interaction. Much can be said in a philosophical conversation on this, and maybe I will, some time. Yet, its existence is certainly undeniable and usually gives me clues on the status a thought has in my mind: is it ready for the people whose judgment I fear, or is it a silly one to trade laughing with close friends, or is it really just a foolish one that wouldn't stand close scrutiny but can impress the simple-minded?

The trouble is, most often the intended audience is not within reach effortlessly: distance (physical or social) or time (months or even years since last conversation) make a quick casual exchange on an unimportant topic unlikely to happen. Well, then, this weblog is a compromise: I'll still mostly be talking to myself, but occasionally it's possible that I may be reaching the intended audience too.

In the process, but somewhat incidentally, I will track the events of my life. There is one big obstacle that I will have to clear: some thoughts or acocunts may not be intended for everyone! It will be tricky, much like writing an autobiography, so selective editing may take place; don't be offended, it's necessary and you are forewarned.

As for those who might stumble on this weblog uninvited, feel free to read - you're watching an unremarkable human specimen - and to voice your opinion, however different it may be from mine. I do not keep company with loud and aggressive people, and I will remorselessly delete their comments from my blog.

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